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On-site Service: We bring our technicians to your place of work or home to fix any issues you have with your computer. From the environment and devices connected. We want to make sure there is nothing that will interfere with the way your computer will work. Most of all on-site service is great so you can meet our technician and see who is working on your computer.

Remote Service: 90% of all computer services can be fixed remotely. We offer discounted rates to fix remotely. And unlimited remote support plans to keep you up and running and if you do go down we will be able to log in remotely very quickly fix your problem.

Home: If you have home computers it good to have us check them out. You would be surprised of how many bugs are found on your computers. They can hide and come out at the worst possible time. Schedule a visit or remote support to have us scan your computers. Dispatch Tech can also clean out the dust that is in the computer. Dust can slow down your computer and cause a fire hazard.

Office: We can handle any size office. If you need tech support to fix bugs, speed up your office, advice on upgrading. Do you need help installing a printer or fixing your network? Dispatch Tech works with server business at this time and will be able to give you a references on request.


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