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Sandi's Review
5 Star Review

Summary: Excellent technician!!
Review: Aaron Wyant has been solving my computer problems for at least 8 years. I depend on him completely and take comfort in knowing he's always there when I need him. He is trustworthy and so very capable. Call Aaron with complete confidence!!
• Reviewed By:Sandi C.
• Review Date:03 Oct 2012
• Reviewer Location: Temecula, CA

Heidi's Review
5 Star Review
Summary: Excellent
Review: I have been calling Aaron Wyant for computer problems for years, through PCs and a Mac. He is smart, efficient, knowledgeable, reasonable and humble. He is always willing to come to the house to fix the problem, and will try to do so the same day I call, if at all possible. Once he arrives, he quickly fixes whatever is wrong and then spends time explaining what he has done and how I can do it myself, should the problem occur again. It is such a pleasure dealing with him because he is so capable.
• Reviewed By:Heidi W.
• Review Date:23 Sep 2012
• Reviewer Location: Del Mar, CA

Ron's Review
5 Star Review
Summary: They are the best.
Review: Dispatch Tech provides support services for me at work and at home. They are very knowledgeable, always on time, and they have kept my company running with no down time. If we happen to come across any issues, they quickly address them.
• Reviewed By:Ron R.
• Review Date:17 Sep 2012
• Reviewer Location: San Diego, CA

Gladys' Review
5 Star Review
Summary: Very impressive.
Review: The only person I've dealt with is Aaron Wyant, he was recommended to me by a friend about five years ago. Every time I've had a computer problem I call him and he comes by, but he is so good at what he does I don't have to call too often. Aaron is very technologically savvy, so when you present a problem to him even if you aren't a sophisticated tech person he understands what you are asking. He has a natural intuition as to what your problem is and how to solve it. He has a technological grasp that makes him excellent at what he does. I was looking for a certain level of customer service and he fits that bill.
• Reviewed By:Gladys S.
• Review Date:14 Sep 2012
• Reviewer Location: San Diego, CA

Ron's Review
5 Star Review
Summary: Massage Heights Mission Viejo Recommends Dispatch Tech
Review: Mission Heights Mission Viejo is is an upscale value massage and skin therapy retreat with significant operations, over 35 staff and servicing many hundreds of guests each month. Mission Viejo is our cornerstone location from which we plan to expand throughout Southern California. Dispatch Tech built our IT system and has been supporting us at an extraordinary service level from the beginning. As issues have arisen, as they will do, Dispatch Tech has been there 24/7, managing our systems both remotely at a moment's notice and on-site as necessary. Dispatch Tech will be our IT partner as we grow Massage Heights in our region.
• Reviewed By:Ron S.
• Review Date:12 Sep 2012
• Reviewer Location: Mission Viejo, CA

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