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The Easy way to Get rid of the FBI Virus.

If your getting a screen popping up when you boot up Windows and it demands ransom Money and says "Your Computer has Been Locked.  This operation system is lock due to the violation of the federal laws of the United States" and they are the FBI you have been infected with a Virus/malware.   The steps to remove this virus are:

1.  Power off your computer.   Then Power on the computer and then keep pressing the F8 key until you get a menu  Choose safe mode with Networking.  

2.  Once you get into safe mode **** if the FBI Virus does not appear then you can easily remove this Virus with the programs, Roguekiller, Malwarebytes and Combofix.   I have shortcuts to these program at   The order to run these programs start with 1. Roguekiller, then Combofix(disable your current Antivirus if you can y right clicking the antivirus program and looking for away to disable it temporary.)   Then Let your computer reboot into normal mode.    In normal mode I like to run CCleaner and clean up all temporary files and clean the registry.  Then Run Malwarebytes.  You will want to run a FULL Scan after Updating to the newest files.    After the full scan you want to select all show files and make sure everything is selected.   Then removal all files.   The computer may reboot.   Then run if you have time another scan with Malwarebytes(you want to make sure you get a clean scan then your good to go).  

****  If you get to safe mode and the virus is still active you will need to make a boot key or Cdrom.   They load Hirens CD to the Boot key/ CD Rom.   Boot to the key and go into mini Windows XP and in mini xp you will want to load a program to change the password for the windows log on.   That program will come with the Hirens CD.   They have several on the cd and the one that lets you activate an account is the one to use.   You will want to activate the Administrator account on your Hard drive.   After activating the account you should be able to go back to safe mode and log in the Administrator account and then run the programs above to clean the virus.  

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