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No Power to Laptop.

We had a customer call us Yesterday.   They said their Dell laptop was getting no Power.   I told them to follow these directions to see what maybe causing the issue.

1.  Check to see if the light is on the Power Cord inverter.   If no light then plug into known working power outlet.   If there is light and still no power proceed to the next step.  If still no light then you need a new Power Cable.

2.  Disconnect anything that is connected in the Laptop, starting with the USB Items.    Unplug all USB, Power, Network cables, Etc.  Pull out the Battery(if accessible).   Press the power button for 10 Seconds after you pull out the battery.  

3.  Plug only the Power cable (NOTE:  also check the name of the cable if you travel a lot.  make sure your using the correct power cable)    Try to power on the laptop now.   If nothing then you need to call a technician from Dispatch Tech.   If you do get power then you will want to plug in everything one by one starting with the battery to see if that is causing the issue.   If it is a USB Device that is causing the issue double check the port and the USB Cable for any damages.  



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