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Google Chrome Crashes when trying to print. Location of Bookmarks in Chrome.

If your having issues with Google Chrome crashing when you print (or any other issue) the easiest way to fix is:

      1. Backup your Google Chrome Bookmarks.  User profile, AppData, local Settings (view hidden files) Google, Chrome, User Data, Default.   Copy your Bookmarks to the desktop.  

      2. Uninstall Google Chrome. 

      3. Rename the Google chrome folder to Google-backup. (if there is importance files)

      4. Run Ccleaner (You can download from the short cut on my website). Clean Registry and Temp files.

      5. Reinstall Google Chrome.   Then place the bookmarks back in the location that you moved it from.   *Note you can hide hidden files.

      6. Open Google Chrome and everything should work like a charm.

      7. If your still having trouble feel free to call Dispatch Tech at 858-344-3988.  

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