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Phone scammers,

Please don't ever let any who calls you at randomly and tells you you may have something wrong with your computer access your computer.   Then they will want your credit card info.   And they will destroy your computer.   If you ever get a call call us ASAP and we will send a tech out to fix any computer issues they may have caused.  

How to remove Malware on a Mac

First Backup all Data - Then follow the Steps from Apple: 


Your screen displays ""The User Profile Service failed the logon” error message when your trying to log on.

If your getting the Message, "The User Profile Service failed the logon” error message.  You can get the solution right on Microsoft's Web site: .

Where to download office 2013

If you have purchase Office 2013 and or have the CD Key you can download office 2013 at:

If you need to get a key you can go to our download page at then select the Microsoft banner to order it at .

The Easy way to Get rid of the FBI Virus.

If your getting a screen popping up when you boot up Windows and it demands ransom Money and says "Your Computer has Been Locked.  This operation system is lock due to the violation of the federal laws of the United States" and they are the FBI you have been infected with a Virus/malware.   The steps to remove this virus are:

1.  Power off your computer.   Then Power on the computer and then keep pressing the F8 key until you get a menu  Choose safe mode with Networking.  

2.  Once you get into safe mode **** if the FBI Virus does not appear then you can easily remove this Virus with the programs, Roguekiller, Malwarebytes and Combofix.   I have shortcuts to these program at   The order to run these programs start with 1. Roguekiller, then Combofix(disable your current Antivirus if you can y right clicking the antivirus program and looking for away to disable it temporary.)   Then Let your computer reboot into normal mode.    In normal mode I like to run CCleaner and clean up all temporary files and clean the registry.  Then Run Malwarebytes.  You will want to run a FULL Scan after Updating to the newest files.    After the full scan you want to select all show files and make sure everything is selected.   Then removal all files.   The computer may reboot.   Then run if you have time another scan with Malwarebytes(you want to make sure you get a clean scan then your good to go).  

****  If you get to safe mode and the virus is still active you will need to make a boot key or Cdrom.   They load Hirens CD to the Boot key/ CD Rom.   Boot to the key and go into mini Windows XP and in mini xp you will want to load a program to change the password for the windows log on.   That program will come with the Hirens CD.   They have several on the cd and the one that lets you activate an account is the one to use.   You will want to activate the Administrator account on your Hard drive.   After activating the account you should be able to go back to safe mode and log in the Administrator account and then run the programs above to clean the virus.  

"Something went wrong” error when installing Office 2013 or Office 365

If you are trying to install Microsoft Office 2013 and you get the error "Something went wrong"  Here are a few steps to try and help you fix this problem.

1.  First try Microsoft's solution at: 

2.  If you don't see the Microsoft Office in the program and Features, press Ctrl Alt Del and open Task Manager and look for office running in any of the process and if so Right Click the Process and Select End Task.  

3.  Now try and Load Office 2013.   Tell us your results. 

Office 2013 issue opening old doc files from office 2007 or 2003.

When you try and open word 2013 and Word wants to convert your older 2003/2007 Document.   Here is one of the solutions.

1.  Right click the file and see if it say open or save as.   If anything but open you will want to go to the control panel or search for uninstall a program.   Look for any programs that have to do with older versions of office.  "Office compatibility pack etc." 

2.  Repoint File to open with office.

3.   Reboot Computer.  

That should also help clean up any other small issues you maybe having with Office 2013.

QuickBooks Pro Printer installation.

Google Chrome Crashes when trying to print. Location of Bookmarks in Chrome.

If your having issues with Google Chrome crashing when you print (or any other issue) the easiest way to fix is:

      1. Backup your Google Chrome Bookmarks.  User profile, AppData, local Settings (view hidden files) Google, Chrome, User Data, Default.   Copy your Bookmarks to the desktop.  

      2. Uninstall Google Chrome. 

      3. Rename the Google chrome folder to Google-backup. (if there is importance files)

      4. Run Ccleaner (You can download from the short cut on my website). Clean Registry and Temp files.

      5. Reinstall Google Chrome.   Then place the bookmarks back in the location that you moved it from.   *Note you can hide hidden files.

      6. Open Google Chrome and everything should work like a charm.

      7. If your still having trouble feel free to call Dispatch Tech at 858-344-3988.  

No Power to Laptop.

We had a customer call us Yesterday.   They said their Dell laptop was getting no Power.   I told them to follow these directions to see what maybe causing the issue.

1.  Check to see if the light is on the Power Cord inverter.   If no light then plug into known working power outlet.   If there is light and still no power proceed to the next step.  If still no light then you need a new Power Cable.

2.  Disconnect anything that is connected in the Laptop, starting with the USB Items.    Unplug all USB, Power, Network cables, Etc.  Pull out the Battery(if accessible).   Press the power button for 10 Seconds after you pull out the battery.  

3.  Plug only the Power cable (NOTE:  also check the name of the cable if you travel a lot.  make sure your using the correct power cable)    Try to power on the laptop now.   If nothing then you need to call a technician from Dispatch Tech.   If you do get power then you will want to plug in everything one by one starting with the battery to see if that is causing the issue.   If it is a USB Device that is causing the issue double check the port and the USB Cable for any damages.  



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